Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Basic information about Bitcoin (part1)

Over time, the format and quality of paper notes improved
And then credit cards were introduced, which were called plastic currency. After transit of the Internet for money transactions
E currency
In existence, which on the internet for users
Made the purchase easier. But a few years ago a currency
Came into existence, which is worth more than all the currencies in the world.
The popularity is growing every day.
Whereas one currency is considered to be very reliable for one-day drug addiction, illegal arms trade, engaging in gambling and money-laundering.
So on the other hand, many famous restaurants, enterprises and businesses
Online buying and sales and services providers too
I'm making money transactions

The world's most unique digital currency to pay money
Is the system The world's first transfer of money and recovery
D centered
"Toe toe"
The network, the user controls,
For which it does not require any central authority or middle man.
Near the user
For sale on the internet
Like cash
But for the first time, Butt has been used under an ideology "Crabto Currency"
Which was the first time in 1998
"Wei Dai"
Its own
(An individual who owns his privacy on a computer network, especially the government
Receive access to the authority of the authorities) mailing list
I made it, in which he made money in a new form
Recommended, which the formation and transfer instead of the central authorities
Contains the procedure for (solving rituals, art writing or solving codecs). The details of the first bit coincidence and its argument argued in 2009
The milling list was published. In 2010, Satyoshhi further added
Detailed details left the project, but its e-mail
Many of the list included. The developers started working on the bit key project.

to be continued...

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