Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Information about Home End key function

Most people have computers and laptops in which they use a keyboard to write something. But those people do not know about some specific buttons in the board that they use.
In this post you
Button will be told about.

The simplest use of these is that when you open a website and read the words written on this page's page, then you go down to the page, then when you have to go to the beginning of the page Use the mouse and if you
Press the button, then you will move to the top of this page.

There is something like this button but in the end.
He opened such a website like this, when you open this page's page before you
Button you can press this button
The meanings will reach the bottom.

And most people
The mouse button
Also use to bring to the beginning of the line.
Meaning that if you are writing a line sentence and your mouse is at the end of this line, then you
Press the button, then your mouse will start at the beginning of this line.
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