Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Who controls bit coins network? (Bitcoin information part 2)

Who controls bit coins network?
One of the unique features of Bitcoin Network is that anyone
He does not own, nor is anyone in this email background
Claiming for the working technology. to the Bitcoin
Its users around the world control, as developers can improve this software, but they can not change Bitcoin currency,
Because every user uses custom software and version
There is a complete freedom to do. To comply with each other
Software that meets all the users on the same principle
Need to use. The same thing works correctly in the bit
When compatible with all users. That is why all
Users and developers work hard to protect this compatibility.

How does the Bitcoin work?
Bitcoin more than a mobile application and computer program
There is nothing that can provide a personal buttons for the user and the user can use it
Sends and Receives Bit Through But the user's
Contrary to the point of view, if its background is seen, then select the network
Shares a public league (Baha Khata) which is called "bit chain".
This transaction contains details of all transactions and every transaction
User's computer is valid for correcting.
To avoid any fake, every transaction with a digital signature
Protection is provided, through computer or specific hardware
These services are also provided as a reward bit when provided
Most people call "mine".
Bit Queens Payment Method:
Bit-by-side purchase is more than credit or debit card
And it can be received without any merchant account.
The amount of money is done through the Wallet application and this
The application is also used by your computer and smartphone
The recipient's address and paid to send money can be paid
Press the send button by typing the amount you want. Recipient's ad races
With smartphone help to make writing easier
Specify the code based on code addresses, phone numbers, email address and website information that contain black and white square boxes and scan all information to the phone when scanned.

to be continued...

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