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Information about( DNA) Deoxyribonucleic acid

Information about( DNA) Deoxyribonucleic acid

 DNA, that is, Deoxyribonucleic acid is a hereditary substance found in the body of humans and all living creatures. The human cell unit is cellular cell. The nucleus is found between the cells within which the DNA is found. The DNA is found in the same form of all human cells. The DNA of each human is different from the other person. Every person receives 50 percent of his DNA from his mother and remaining 50 percent of his father. Both of these DNA-specific compounds make humans own their DNA.

 DNA contains information about humans, such as its sex, hair color, eye color, sleeping times, age and physical structure etc. In addition, which diseases are available to this person, it can also be detected from its DNA. How is the DNA test done by the person who is also the DNA test, whose hair, blood, bone And one of the meat or some of them is sampled. The first DNA is separated from the human cell and then with the help of polymerase chain reaction, millions of copies of DNA are made. With these millions of copies, DNA testing can be done better. DNA fingerprint is made after testing the DNA. Seeing the similarities in the DNA fingerprint of two different samples, any connection can be determined in them. In the event of a phenomenon, when the body identification is impossible, the DN identifies itself through identification. With DNA test, it is known that the DNA is being found from the family of this body. Comparative testing of the genetic code contained in the DNA can be found that there is a bloody relationship between two different people, not for a single or unidentified identities, with DNA samples taken by the dead bodies. Let's go If the genetic code is the same, the bloody relationship is proved and the body is referred to the creator. There is no ambiguity of the DNA test after the DNA test. Due to the lack of french labs, fascinating scientists and expert staff in Pakistan, this test is facing a lot of difficulties and it takes weeks to complete. Why is the DNA test done? -> A few common goals of DNA test are below: To prove righteousness, who is to know who is the real parent of a person, then the person is seen by doing the DNA match with the claim of goddess Is. If both DNAs are identical then the claim of a goddess is valid. The crime identification can also be done with the help of DNA for the patient's identity. If a biological sample of a criminal is found, then its DNA is completed and a complete report is set. The DNA can be identified by the DNA of designated suspects in this special case. The crime is a serious illness in a family, with the help of the DNA test before the birth of their children. It can be known that whether or not it is possible to have a child in their child. Genetic genitalizer may be able to get information about their climate change, even if it is possible through the DNA test.



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