Friday, August 3, 2018

The apple became one of the largest public companies in the US with a trillion dollar

  The apple became one of the largest public companies in the US with a trillion dollar

Washington - Digital electronic company Apple has honored the United States's largest public company with a trillion dollar capital on Thursday. It took a 40-year long time to get this place and succeed Credit goes to the unique product of the iPhone, which is demanding around the world and its profits have contributed significantly to appealing to the highest-ranking company of the United States. The company's stock rose by 2.8 percent on Thursday, which increased by 9% to the continuation of Tuesday. Has gone The recent increase in Apple shares was when the company's June quarter showed more profits and it purchased its $ 20 billion shares itself. The story of PayPal is very interesting. It was started in 1976 by company co-founder Steve Jones in his garage and started making appeal computers. But one time it came to pass that due to severe competition in the computer market, it was difficult to appeal its appeal and the risk of the company was bankrupt. It was the time when the company began to think on another aspect. What can be done to combine common people together and to improve their contacts? Their idea was first introduced to the iPhone's invention. Although there were many mobile phones in the market and the smallest mobile phone was running, but the appeal was different from that in that The screen was larger than other mobile phones .It was not just a phone, but its screen also provides a number of other digital features to the user. The hand was taken to the iPhone. And the appeal of the appeal has increased continuously. The IPI invention gave a new dimension of thinking and style to the mobile phone industry and today it does not even find a mobile phone that does not have smartphone facilities. I have the eighth generation of the iPhone and its iPhone X is being widely published around the world, the result has shown in a more profitable manner than the end quarter. Disk Desktop and iPad, iPod and iPod, as well as many electronic components, but on which the audits The demand is most, it is the iPhone. The appeal of the appeal last year was $ 229 billion, which made it the most profitable public company. The other company in the stock market, which is following the appeal He is neither a technology company nor any financial institution nor is related to the energy sector. Rather, this company is a company that mainly deals with a sales platform and a modern platform for the buyer. The company's name is Emmanan's investment in the Amazon market. $ 880 billion and after that microphone number. Economy analysts believe that at the speed the emissue's scope and profits are increasing, She can leave the appeal in the coming years



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